Our solutions for the chemical industry


The chemical sector has evolved a lot these last years, particularly in terms of security, as a result of the switch-over to the ATEX directive. Thanks to the basic design of the Parimix dosers and mixers, the switch-over to EN 13463-1 has been possible with just some simple and easy to introduce solutions.

Plastic processing

With the Parimix continuous mixer, it is possible to manufacture your products twenty four hours a day. Its reliability is particularly appreciated in a sector where neither shutdowns nor breakdowns are allowed.

Glues manufacturing

Our coating solutions for soft and hard granulates are perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of the products required in this industry.

Fertilizers manufacturing

This sector that uses particularly toxic products, needs perfect watertight mixing solutions. The Parimix dosing-mixing solutions offer a full watertightness and therefore are different from the traditional batch solutions.

Our solutions for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry often requires very accurate dosing. The Parimix microdispenser is often used to satisfy this requirement, with powdery products considered as very fatty and difficult.

Others industries

Powders treatment has been our business for forty years; Parimix offers innovative solutions for a lot of powder dosing and mixing applications.
In this way we operate in numerous industrial sectors, like: metallurgy, the car and pharmaceutical industries, precious metals, paints…