Continuous mixer

The wide range of continuous mixers such Parimix IMR uses the exclusive principle of central injection of dry or liquid in the mixing zone. This guarantees perfect control of products meeting point and therefore a unique distribution quality.

Mélangeur continu IMR

The continuously dosed dry products are collected at (D) and then injected (A) in the mixing tube (B). The various previously dosed liquids are introduced into the mixer (C) and centrifuged by the coil. The liquid vortex flow created meets the exploded view of dry products (E) in reverse (typical application IMR dry / liquid mixture).
For small percentage of liquids, dry goods arrive in (C) and liquids (D) (typical application IMRB).
Finally, in the case of a mixture of dry goods only, the lowest percentage in products are introduced (D) and others (C) (typical application IMR dry mixture / sec).

With this principle, the volume of the mixing chamber is very low whatever the flow rate. This results in low power and use a minimum of space in comparison with conventional industrial mixing. The materials used for the manufacture of these mixers are selected according to the characteristics of the products to be mixed (abrasive, brittle, corrosive, sticky, etc.).
Parimix offers a wide range of robust and compact mixers to meet flow rates ranging from 50kg / h to 30t / h.

mélangeur en continu IMR
mélangeur en continu IMR
mélangeur en continu IMR


  • Very short mixing time
  • Very low workload
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning or cleaning solution in place (CIP)
  • Low installed power
  • Perfect homogeneity
  • Adaptable to all types of products
  • Anti-abrasion Solution
  • High-temperature mixture


Dry / liquid mixture

Nouveauté IMR

The ideal solution for a mixture without lumps!
This mixer is specially designed to achieve high viscosity paste mixtures or liquids with a low proportion of powders. It can be equipped with a jacket for heating or cooling the product. A cons-pressure system to adjust the mixing time.

Dry mix / sec

For your mixtures of dry products with different densities and sizes.
It allows in particular to distribute the products irrespective of the proportions in a continuous flow of dry (0.05 to 99.95%) and to always guarantee a perfectly homogeneous mixture.


This device can continuously distribute a small proportion liquid (0.005 to 20%) in a dry product. In this case the liquid is sprayed to the mixer center.