The range of DMP Microdispenser was specially designed for highly accurate micro-dosing of all powdery products.


It is often used for specific operations of filling powders, or packaging.

Its operating principle allows for doses at high rates.

  • Dosage of 0.05 to 150 grams
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Speed: up to 1 dose per second



  • High dosing accuracy
  • Setting possibility of very low doses
  • Quick Operation Cadence
  • Adaptability to difficult products and all sizes
  • Small footprint of the device
  • Quick adjustment

Examples (videos)

The DMP microdispenser can serve decorator, filler or disperser. He moved over a conveyor or a packaging machine. This microdispenser is used in diverse applications such as microdosing:

  • Doser inclusions or dried fruit in molds
  • Fill the powder, spices, aromatic herbs, condiment, spice, spice for grilling in small pots
  • Making candy dropping, dragees, cereal biscuits or pasty products