Mixers Parimix

Parimix developing three distinct families of mixers. Our engineers will help you select the most appropriate range for your needs..

Mélangeurs continus

The continuous mixer is a real advantage of industrial production.

The continuous mixer Parimix is a mixer which homogenizes dry, liquid and viscous online. His unusual and unique technology in the market allows it to be distinguished from other mixers. Its many advantages make it a very competitive online mixer. Its low power consumption makes it one of the greenest mixers.

mélangeurs discontinus

The discontinuous mixer is designed to mixtures of lower capacity to 1000 liters.

Its execution speed places it among the fastest mixers. Its various versions allow the industry to have a perfectly adapted to its needs mixing. It can be in a totally automated installation as regards the filling and emptying or on the contrary in the context of filling and emptying manuals.


The coater Parimix is based on the technology “live hedgehog”.

It allows a powder or liquid coating on products with large particle size such as vegetables or conversely on products with low particle size as microbeads. It also allows coating of fragile products. This is an excellent complement to the continuous mixer.