Our solutions for the food industry

Breakfast cereals

Our continuous mixer fits out the largest European factories with production lines of granolas, or any other production line mixing liquids and cereals.

Industrial confectionery

Our mixers are specially suitable for the doughy products which are the base of many confectionery products.

Pet Food

The powders used in pet food are often very difficult and rich in fat. The Parimix volumetric and weighing anti-bridging doser is particularly suitable for this kind of product. Thanks to this feature we have fitted out a large number of pet food factories in Europe.

Butter industry

With the liquid/liquid version of the continuous mixer, the user can mix butter at 5°C with sauces or products made with culinary herbs. Some great groups trust us with their butter-based mixtures.

Chocolate industry

Our dosers and microdispensers are very appreciated in chocolate factories, where the powdery products have to be dosed as accurately as possible. We have as well set up a large number of dry/liquid dosing/mixing systems.

Pastry industry

In these industries our multi-spiral powderers are particularly suitable for the powdering of flaked almonds, crushed hazelnuts, candied fruits, etc.

Prepared meals

In these industries also, our multi-spiral powderers are particularly adapted to the powdering of grated cheese, culinary herbs, bread crumbs, etc.

Flour processing

Flour-based pastes are often difficult to create because the meeting of liquids and powders can very easily cause the formation of lumps. With our continuous mixer you can completely avoid this problem and obtain smooth and homogeneous pastes. Examples: pancake pastes, biscuit pastes, bread pastes, pizza pastes, food pastes.

Sugar industry

Icing sugar manufacturing requires a high mixing accuracy, difficult to obtain in a continuous process. Our mixing-dosing systems are very often used in these processes.


Spices manufacturing often concerns small industries and requires the use of a lot of different powders. Our discontinuous mixers are particularly suitable for these industries thanks to their great flexibility.

Milk industry

The milk industry imposes special hygienic standards on manufacturing units. Parimix offers full-cleaning solutions specially adapted to its dosers and mixers for powders.

Frozen vegetables

Parimix has invented a continuous coating solution for manufacturing frozen vegetables with sauce. This solution has the advantage of not spoiling the vegetables as it happened with the traditional techniques.