Multi spiral powderer

The multi-spiral powderer have been specially designed to extract, dose and spread steadily and consistent product in pieces, granules or powder on a recovery element (conveyor belt, carpet, tray, etc.).

This allows for sprinkler sprinkling of products such as grated cheese, sliced almonds, candied fruit, chips or chocolate chips, powders, herbs, raisins, icing sugar, grog.

Tubular powderer

The tubular powderer has been developed to associate, for a given width, a precise metering and spraying, with an even distribution to a large number of products in powder or granules, such as sugar, spices, metal oxides, talc, resins, cocoa.

The tubular powderer applies to different uses: wrappers of continuous feeding, tumblers (drums) or other mixing method, sprinkling on mats, trays, molds, etc …

Small footprint, it is easy to implement powdering.


  • Particularly suitable for difficult and sticky products
  • Very high precision dusting
  • Adaptability to existing production lines
  • Adaptation to a very large number of sizes
  • Quick release system for easy cleaning
  • Large variation possible throughput

Examples of powderer (videos)