Discontinuous mixer MDC

The conical batch mixer (MDC) provides intimate mixture of several powder components and / or granular in an extremely short time regardless of the proportions.
This batch mixer allows the pulverulent mixture with small amounts of liquid, that even with the lightest powders. The large differences in bulk density have no influence on the quality of the mixture.


Once loaded the mixer, the mixing rotor gradually puts the entire product moving and creates internal recirculation vortex phenomenon.

The mixer is then drain by gravity by opening the valve shovel at the base of the cone.

In the case of difficult flow products, the mixing rotor is then used as bridge breaker.

This mixer can be weighed to automate filling and meet manufacturing recipes.

It can be fitted with a metering output, to perform the packaging directly to the output of the batch mixer.


  • Reduced mixing time (30s to 4m)
  • Low installed power
  • Complete draining
  • Serviceability (1 engine, 1 valve)

Animated view of a mixing cycle