Volumetric doser

The anti-bridging system alone fulfills the perfect filling functions of the screw metering and anti-bridging in the tank.

Quick release solutions are specially designed to foster cleaning. The materials used are selected based on product characteristics to be determined.

doseurs Parimix

A cylindrical vessel equipped with a Anti-bridging and a mechanical metering system without air or vibration for dosing any type of powdered or granulated products.

The flow adjustment is obtained by speed variation on the assay system. The feeding of the metering system is performed by the Anti-bridging performs this function while dévoûtant the product in the hopper.


  • Regularity dosing
  • Determination of difficult products
  • Anti-bridging for the product
  • Design for easy cleaning

Examples of processed products

Flour, cocoa powder, dried fruit, talc, salt, sugar, frozen vegetables, sulfur, metal oxides, raisins, almonds, pigments, granules, fibers …